5 Hair Extension Hacks You Need to Know

5 hair extension hacks you need to know

The thing with trends is that they are hard to keep up with, especially when we’re talking about hair trends. One minute it’s an ultra short bob and the other Rapunzel-long locks that are just breathtaking – and it all happens in a week! So, you simply have to wonder “How on Earth do they grow such long hair in a matter of days and why can’t we do it?” Well, actually – we can. You knew this already but you needed a confirmation – the word of the day: EXTENSIONS!

Lately, we’ve been seeing celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj & pretty much everyone else rock thigh-length hair which made a boom in the hair industry. Extensions have gotten more popular than ever, and with that in mind, we’re listing five hair extension hacks to adopt if you are considering picking up this option or have already:

Store your Hair in a Safe Place

You know how long it takes for you to untangle bud headphones when you need them most and how frustrating the whole process gets? Well, the same thing happens to the extensions if they are being tossed around – they become knotted and matted. For the extensions to resemble your hair, i.e. have a similar quality, and shine, pick a dresser drawer you’ll use for your clip-ins only. In case you have more than 1 set, use a few silk pillowcases to sandwich your extensions in layers. The silk fibers won’t damage the cuticles and will prevent damage. Make sure the environment you keep your extensions at is dry and clean because otherwise, the clip-ins will get that puddle texture and you won’t be able to use them.

Wash them Regularly

Well, who knew we needed to shampoo our clip-ins to keep them shiny! Well, good thing is we do now. Pollen, dust, oils, styling products… all of these get built up in the extensions just as they would in your natural hair. For that, they need to be kept clean and groomed – you don’t want to walk around with flat, dull-looking hair. So, how to do this? Easy! Take advice from the gorgeous Aussies who swear by their extensions! For the last few seasons, the popularity of hair extensions in Sydney has been growing, so no wonder they’ve got the best advice on how to keep that hair shining. So, here’s what to do: once a week, clip them in while showering and “shampoo and condition as if they were your own hair” and that covers it.

Mind your Wefts while Showering

The same treatment, no difference. All types of extensions – clip-ins, sew-in wefts and bonded extensions – need to be occasionally gently cleansed and conditioned. Remember, HOW you cleanse your hair is way more important than WHEN you do it. Shampoo and condition it thoroughly, keeping the hair as straight and smooth as possible. To avoid hair strain and tangles, don’t “ball and lather” the hair.

Air Dry that Hair…NEVER Blow Dry

While you’ll treat your extensions just as you would your hair while washing it, drying it is a whole different story. Say goodbye to blow dryers and allow your hair extensions to air dry. That way, the cuticles in the hair that swell and rise will go back to normal temperature, keeping the hair smooth and healthy-looking.

Style Hair Extensions on a Wig Stand

The great thing about extensions is that they can be styled up for different hairdos. The best way to have total control over the hairdo you are doing, use a wig stand and nail any do you’ve set your mind to!

Written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is beauty and fashion writer for HighStyleLife magazine, living between London and Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves cooking, creating DIY cosmetics and to travel around tropical destinations. Follow Peter on Twitter for more beauty and fashion tips.

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