5 Style Tips for Your Resort Vacation

5 style tips for your resort vacation

Resort vacations are a great way to have a completely relaxing holiday, one you won’t need to plan for at all. Just find the perfect resort for you and your needs, and think no more. Everything will be taken care of by the staff. Now that you don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty of your vacation, you can start thinking about your resort style. To make that easy for you, here are five style tips to speed up and style up your packing.

For the Beach

The best part of any resort vacation is the time spent relaxing by the water. Obviously, you are going to need some great swimwear, so we will start with that. This year, there are quite a few different styles trending, so you can have your pick. Bandeau, bikini, one-piece… They are all great choices. Pick the style you like the best, one that works for your body type, and don’t forget to pick it in a solid color block, an absolute must this season. After you get that done, it is time to start thinking about the cover up you will wear with it. Considering that this year we’ll be wearing solid color block swimwear, the cover up can be as colorful and fun as you please.

All Day Long

All day long, you will need some comfortable shoes. You are on your vacation, and whether you are mostly sunbathing on the beach or walking around the resort, you should always be comfortable. This summer, go for the flats. They are beautiful, stylish and comfortable. There will be time for high heels when you get back home, but while you are on your vacation, let your feet relax as well. The best part about wearing flats, however, is that they will go with every style. You can dress them down with a simple cover up you will wear to the beach, or dress them up with your pick for an evening dinner.

For Evening

Evenings are the perfect time for your style to shine. During the day, your choices are limited by the sun and heat, but in the evenings, you can have some more fun with your outfits. They will usually be chillier, so use this time to really bring your A-game. The best way to do that is by going for a maxi dress. If there is one thing we could all learn from the stylish Aussies, it’s how to rock a maxi dress. The range of maxi dresses in Australia will leave you in awe. These dresses can be styled up and down with ease, they are flattering on every body type, and they have no match when it comes to comfort. If you are looking for the perfect piece to show off your summer style, this is it!

Stay Safe

Sunbeams can be harsh on our skin, particularly during summer. Not only is the sun shining more intensely, but we are also spending more time in the sun. The best thing you can do for yourself and your style is to stay safe from the sun. Take your hat and sunglasses everywhere with you. That way, you will be protecting your skin from the negative effects of the sun, but you will also have a quick and easy style fix. Floppy hats are a great choice, as they will complete any summer outfit and add a little glam to it. The same goes for your sunglasses. A great fashionable piece during any season, it will work particularly well during summer because of its dual function. This summer, make a statement with your eyewear!

Something Different

If you think that you need something else to really spice up your resort wardrobe, you are right. Pack a romper! This great versatile piece will work for the day as well as the night. You can wear it with your hat and sunglasses during the day as a simple outfit for a walk or to the beach. You can also wear it with some statement jewellery to make a perfect night outfit. It’s simple but different, whether you wear it to the beach or to dinner, you will stand out.

Written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is beauty and fashion writer for HighStyleLife magazine, living between London and Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves cooking, creating DIY cosmetics and to travel around tropical destinations. Follow Peter on Twitter for more beauty and fashion tips.

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