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We are in a world where fashion options are endless; it can be overwhelmed when planning what to dress. Most likely, your wardrobe is a hodgepodge of trends, colors, and textures – which can be a very stressful morning after morning when you head to work or anywhere. But the reality is that there a few secrets to start a great day.

Make an Effort

It might seem simple, but there a pile of people who get in the morning, reach for whatever is neat and that’s it. Style takes effort. Make an effort to reach for the best outfit you can put together, whatever the day might me. That does not mean wearing a long frock with a tiara to work or an Anarkali suit set to drop your kids at days, but it does mean, take an effort and time to put together a comfortable and suitable outfit that shows you have put effort and thought into what you are wearing.


You will definitely find it hard if you need a haircut to present a stylish profile, your makeup’s stuck in the 90’s which handily is the last time you did your eyebrows. Again, you don’t have to do this extreme, personally many don’t like to fuse their hair, but being unkempt is not an option. Get a neat haircut and tame those eyebrows – regularly !  And always keep your nails clean and trimmed. If you are willing to invest in makeup, then consider buying good skin care products like a tinted moisturizer.

Care of your Clothes

Keep your clothes clean, smell free and spot free. This is also an important point to remember to look chic and stylish.

Fit is King

The key element to look chic is fit. Do not buy clothes that are not your size.

Accessories are All

Just like icing on the cake, accessories are all. Pair it with a matching accessory. These are a great option to start changing your look.

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