7 Short Hairstyles and Haircuts To Shake Things Up

Short Hairstyles And Haircuts

The short hairstyle is the one that is both classy and chic. Both young, as well as mature women, can style this sophisticated elegance, not to mention the ease of maintenance and convenience that comes with the shortcut. The shorter haircut is also known to take your face age away and add youth look, hence it famous among fashionable and trendy women. Read on this post to know 7 most popular short hairstyles and haircuts.

Short hairstyles were not so famous in the old times when women prefer to be at home. But at this time the expanding attitude of the world is very aware of trends and fashion, short hairstyles are the current trend these days. Some prefer to wear it since they wish to make a fashion statement. The truth remains that if it is worn in the right way, they can make you look elegant.

Short hair is great for anyone but the difference between looking elegant and fantastic is huge. Choosing the right hairdo might bring out the best features in your face.

If you are looking for a fresh short hairstyle? Then these current styles that are raving the world will definitely be your choice

Seven Best Short Haircuts and Hairstyles

1. The Pixie

The Pixie
The Pixie Hairstyle – Frankie Sandford

The classic one and famous around the ’60s, this looks as great as it used to be. The hair is cut really short on the back and sides also left a bit longer in the front. The classic pixie cut has bangs and layers for a more voluminous look. It keeps it from lying flat. This looks great for people with thick and wavy hair.

2. The Bob

The Bob
The Bob Hair Style – Taylor Swift

Compared to the Pompadour and the pixie, this style is longer in length. It hits your jaw with some going below the chin area. There are different styles of bob.

  • Textured bod – not a boring style, but adds volume. A choppy or a fringe side bangs gives you that more edgy look. Women with curly and thick hair must never try bob as it might pouf up.
  • Demi – bob – as the name suggests, it is basically from a longer length. It falls below the mid – neck and a bit above the shoulders. The demi-bob looks elegant and classy for round faces. It’s a great option to try out if you have curly hair as the layers fall seamlessly. You might have spotted celebrities flaunting this hairstyle.

3. The Pompadour

The Pompadour
The Pompadour- Carey Mulligan Hairstyle

A famous as well as a new trend in the line of short hairstyle and haircuts. Let’s say this style was taken away from men. It is also known as hawk, faux or quiff. Usually, your hair will be shaved on the one side and its swept upwards, not allowing the hair to touch the face while keeping it high and in the middle of your head. This is classy and a very bold hair cut and not all can carry it perfectly.

4. Shag

Shag – Jaclyn Smith Hairstyle

This casual hairstyle is fun and flirting. There are lots of choppy ends and layers that offer you that messy look. The great thing about this cut is that it suits almost any face shape. It is great for fine hair as the layers give you that illusion of voluminous hair. For this hairstyle, you can go for different hair length. To style it, you can also use the spray to enhance those textures. Don’t use hair gels as they might make the hair stiff.

5. Short Crop

Short Crop
Short Crop – Kristen Stewart Hairstyle

This hairstyle is the shortest of all the listed above. This hairstyle will be very close to your scalp and its a kind of style men have in their military training. Hence, it is also known as the boyish crop. This highlights a good bone structure. It’s not a kind of frill look with any bangs or fringe.

6. Sexy Soccer Mom

This cut is longer at the front and short at the back. For a cool look, you must make it spiky by using hair sprays and gels.

7. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical – Victoria Beckham Hairstyle

This is a dramatic hairstyle and you must go for it if you love yourself and don’t mind weird looks. The good side with this hairstyle is that it gives you an edgy and high street fashion look.

Maintaining Short Hair

Maintaining Short Hair

While short hairstyles are very easy to maintain, they should be given some care. A great to maintain your tresses to make sure that you always put a wrap cap before sleeping. Putting the cap on makes sure that you sleep comfortably without messing the hairstyle. Another great way to maintain your hair is to brush it daily.

Also, try to use a mild shampoo that is intended for daily use. This can make your hair soft as well as controllable. Using a mild shampoo make sure that your hair is safe and free from harsh chemicals that can cause harm to your hair.

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