How To Change The Color Of The Lipstick By Season

Color Of The Lipstick By Season

Stylish and cool makeup trendy must be changed according to the climate and attire. In general, the color palette for summer, autumn and winter must not be the same.

Now, let us Look at What Are the Lip Colors that Are Suitable for Every Weather.

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This includes the color of bronze, pumpkin spice, taupes, dark reds, and browns. Lip shade follows along, with darker colors, brown hues, and golden colors.


You can try any color be it black or white too. But we suggest you go for the reds. As the winter looks as foggy giving a plump red look will accentuate your overall look.


You can try various pastels and pale colors, but bright tones, light green, pinks and plenty of white and off white, resembling the spring flowers. These lip shades are also pale too, in corals and pinks. Often it clear glosses.


Show your lip color in dark during summers. This color can be anything from brighter to more clear than fall and winter looks, but vivid and brighter than spring.

Tips for Finding the Right Lip Color

Now you know the colors of the season if you are still worried about shopping the right shade. Then you always seem to buy the color that looks light or too dark for the complexion. Follow these simple tips on how to find the right lip color and you will never be worried again.

Keeping It Neutral

The best lip color for anyone, whether it is in the form of lipstick, lip gloss or anything that is in the middle, is the color that is a bit brighter than the natural lip color. Depending upon your depth and the uniqueness of complexion, this shade can vary from rich purple to peachy brown and rosy pink.

Note – Neutral lip color must not similar to the same color as the concealer

Use The Lower Lip

When trying on a lip shade, use your lower lip as a guide as they seem to be fuller than the upper lip and this will be seen first when people proceed to you. So, if the color looks great on the lower lip, then that’s the right color.

Try Three Then Settle

After trying three or four shades of different lip shades, take a break! Your lips are stained and slightly bruised from the different lip shades and wiping it with tissue is much needed to remove those colors. Try again after a couple of hours so your lips will have a chance to return to the neutral color.

Consider The Natural Light

When trying a new lip shade, or any sort of makeup, make sure you try it on in light daylight or something equivalent for the best results. Fluorescent light will not portray the real color of the lips and also will cause you to buy a lip color that might not be a great match.

Various Neutral For Various Seasons

As mentioned, due to the fact that people of various shades and natural complexions throughout the neutral lip shade in winter will surely vary from your neutral lip shade in the summer.

Flatter Your Makeup

A great tip to remember when shopping for a perfect neutral lip shade is that the one that suits the best will draw attention to your lips the way you have your eye shadow to your eyes. Keep in mind that subtle coloring is many times more alluring than bold colors.

Try Something New

To keep up with the changing color trends of the season, use a thin layer of seasonal color you have chosen over the material than you usually use. This layering idea enables any color you pick to be altered to work on the coloring.

Just like everything else, fashion has also become tougher and it needs a lot of skill to keep pace with it. It might not be unusual for you to be stamped socially as a fashion icon or on the other hand a fashion addict if you are not careful.

The fashion complexities are not just limited to the sort of dress that you wear this season or the kind of handbag you use or also the kind of footwear that you choose for yourself.

You have to be able to alter to the emerging trends and solve for yourself, what is that you pick. Choosing the not – so – perfect things might not lead for sure anywhere. So even if a specific kind of clothing is a craze this season, make sure that it suits your body shape before spending your hard earned money.

It is important that you match the color that you are willing to buy with your skin color. Many colors look great when you go to purchase them but the moment you try them on, they might not feel so good after all.

The basics of lip shade, color are the same as those for choosing dress color. There are some great colors that might not go well with a specific shade of skin. As suggested, this can make much difference and recognize the fact. What some people don’t realize is that the lip shade is also similar and the utmost care needs to be taken to pick the one that suits the best.

If the shades in fashion don’t suit you, it is better to go ahead and pick the one that suits you over the “In trend” color.

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