Eye-Catching Nail Art Designs to Impress Yourself

Eye-Catching Nail Art Designs

Nail art or nail design is a very simple concept – the art and the design that is used to decorate the toe and fingernails. They are used to enhance any outfit and brighten your everyday look. Seen nowadays as a more fashion flurry and something that allows for the utterance and creativity of one’s own style, the nail designs, and nail art are considered to be an important area of beauty and fashion. Various nail designs and nail art can be seen in the latest catwalks of the best designers. From movie stars and celebrities will often flaunt the coolest new nail trends on the red carpets and yes, it’s for anyone and not just for big shots.

Here Are Some Of The Easy Ones, Though It Needs A Bit And Practice And Patience And It Is Not Difficult To Manage.

Alternating the Colors

This is the simplest method to accomplish and needs less effort. Just use different colors on each of your fingers and flaunt them.

Use of Effect Nail Polishes

You can use such types of nail polishes for creating various effects, like as the crackle, magnetic, color changing, croc effect and much more. You will find them easy for swiftly giving your nails a different look.

Water Decals

There are loads of ready – to – use nail art design, which also includes the water decals, full nail wraps, and nail stickers. You will also get instruction and how to use it with the pack. These nail designs are currently on trend and it is famous among teens.

Nail Art with Stripes

Stripes on nails are always attractive. You can create these stripes with the help of a tape or stripper, otherwise, make use of the slim brush to create this look.

Dotting Manicure

Dots looks cool with simple looks. You can use these dots on nails to create the flowy patterns. This is the easiest yet elegant of all nail design without any templates.

Animal Print Nail Art

Animal prints like the zebra and leopard are not hard to create, and they make your nails look great when paired with a similar pattern outfit.

Polka Dot Heart Nail Art

Valentine day might not be around the corner, but this nail art is a great option for all time of the year. Try pink which is always a great color, be it any time of the year. For creating this patter, dust your nails in pink leaving your ring finger. Then pain the ring finger with white followed by heart-shaped polka dots with the help of a needle intended for nail art. For a cheaper version, try using a toothpick. Make dots with pink in various shades and finally apply a layer of top coat to seal the art.

Rhinestones Nail Art

To add some bling to your nails, these are great party look nail pattern that you must give a try. There are different kinds of rhinestones available on the market for nail art. Use them to decorate your nails.

Braided Nail Design

Fishtail braid manicure – achieving this look is very easy and you can get it swiftly if you have some patience. You will need three nail colors of your choice, which would overlap. You must give time for each layer to get dried up and it’s done.

Chocolate Nails

This is another very easy nail art. All you need is nail paint in brown color and a few decorations like as the hearts. Use nail glue to stick them and put in the golden color nail paint on the thumb and pinky.

Glitter Gradient

For a fresh look, you must try this nail art. Pain your nail with a black tint and with the help of a sponge,  add pink glitter nail paint. Now apply the dry coat.

Water Drops Nail Art

To get this look, you must make a purple and maroon gradient and follow that up with a matte top coat. Now let it air dry before adding dots of plain nail paint with the help of toothpick on one side of your nail.

Digital Nail Art

These patterns simply look fabulous if executed perfectly. First, you need to paint in white and allow them to dry completely. Then, with the help of a black stripper pen draw lines and fill the gaps with different color, leaving some parts white. To get an even better look, you can also draw black lines once again. After it has dried completely always apply a dry top coat to seal the design.

Chain and Stud Nails

To get this look, you need to paint two tones and then add chains and studs over them. You can get the complete nail art design kit online. You can also add some animal print on the pointer and the pinky finger.


These nail art designs are raving the world and currently the most adored and loved styles by celebs. You could also try this at home with minimal effort and products. There are quite a lot of nail products available which can help you attain these results.

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