8 Hair Color Trends That Will Continue to Be Massive In 2019

Increasingly more women to prefer to change their hair color. Unfortunately, just a few of them get their best out of it. There are so many dyes and all of them seem to match their personality! And still, what you must know when choosing the right color for you? Before doing this let us see the hair color that is currently trending the world in 2019.

Pro Tip: Remember to consider the skin tone and the color of your eyes, as these factors are directly linked to your success or failure.

Eight Hair Color Trends You can Go with in 2019

1. Highlighting


One of the most famous trends is to use various colors to make gradations, streaks with dark brown hair, caramel hues, blue and other such colors. Highlighting can be done on the top of the natural hair color or also after giving your hair single base color. These highlighters give you that striking effect. However, today colors that are trendy are pink, green and unicorn.

2. Runway Trend

Runway Trend
Runway Trend

If you wish to follow a hairstyle for a new look, go for the runway look. It offers you a smashing and bold look. The most famous shades are a natural blonde, black, brunette and red hues. Combination of various colors can also opt for a more trendy look.

3. Ombre Trend

Ombre Trend
Ombre Trend

In spite of thousands of hair color options available in the market, ombre is the most commonly used and the famous one among others. This color is easy to maintain and doesn’t require any follow-ups or special care. It gives you that oomph look and you don’t have to spend a fortune for regular touch-ups. This hair trend has dark shades at the roots and fades at the ends gradually. It’s easy to manage and it does not require frequent salon visits.

4. Fade-Resistant Hair Colors

Fade-Resistant Hair Colors
Fade-Resistant Hair Colors

The most preferred choice of working women. The shade that comes under this category are fade resistant and easily covers the grey hair. The most famous are naturally red and brown, also women who don’t love changing their hair color frequently can also try this out.

5. Dip Dyeing

Dip Dyeing
Dip Dyeing

Another trending hair color is the dip dyeing. It includes two-toned or multi-toned colors. The ends are a bit darker and give you that effect of the dip in color. The shades that come under this section are, red, brown, burgundy, Auburn, chic ginger and other intense colors. Mixing various intense shades can also offer you that ravishing look.

6. Pastel Shades

Pastel Shades
Pastel Shades

Pastel shades look very girly and classic on a bleached or pale hairstyle. They have a long-lasting effect and are very famous among the stars. This color will always be the trend with varied shades of Violet, Pink, blue, silver or smoky. The color can be tried with various hair length and can be the single, combination, dripped dyed and streaked.

7. Neon Colors

Neon Colors
Neon Colors

If you are looking for a spicy and vibrant look, then neon shade must be your choice. Regardless of the style and length, neon shades suit any skin tone and can be used with various popular colors.

8. Brunettes


This year this is the trend and always been the top suggested hair color and been evolving as well. Top hair experts from New York has suggested some hair color tips like. Brunette with dark hair can have highlighted hair pieces around the face. They can add this highlighted tresses around their face and also make it fall near their chin area to get that sun-kissed surfer look. This look will accentuate their overall skin complexion without making it dusky in comparison to the hair.

Choosing the Color that Compliments the Skin Tone

Experts Say that Choosing the Hair Color Which Compliments the Skin Tone. Check our tips below –

  • Dark skin tone – Red, gold, copper highlights can be perfect and the blond ash highlights will also be perfect.
  • Both hair colors and highlight must suit your natural skin color, not undermine it
  • They must flatter your eye color
  • Green eyes, for instance, can be complemented by both light and dark shades of highlights and colors.
  • Do not color your hair too often, as this might lead to hair loss and other hair problems. Do it only when you really need to change it.
  • This is the best you can follow to get that spectacular celebrity style results
  • Hair care is very important, especially if your hair has been treated chemically
  • The conditioner must be used each time you wash your hair
  • The hair is more fragile and it must be protected more than usual
  • Sunlight has a negative effect on any hair color, so try using a leave-in conditioner when you leave out of your house or also try a shampoo that has SPF.

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