How to Find the Right Nail Shape (#10 Ultimate Tips)

how to find nail shape

Choosing nail polish is not the only thing that you must be thinking of when you get a manicure. Have you ever thought about the perfect nail shape? What suits you and what not?  This is a guide all about the perfect nail shape and some tips.

Ten Finding The Right Nail Shape

Nail Shape

1. Almond Nails

The Almond nail shape is very delicate and feminine and taken into account to be the classical one. It can help your fingers look much longer and finer and also less chubby. But, they don’t let the nails grow much, so if you wish to have them longer, then almond shapes are not for you. They come with a soft tip with filing sides but are quite easy to get snapped. If they become cracked then you will have to buff down to get rid of the issue, and the length of your nail will also be lost.

2. Mountain Peak

A very famous style at the moment, especially among the celebs and Movie stars, this nail style comes with a long and pointed tip just like a mountain peak. You can file them into the shape you wish or also buy an acrylic stiletto. You can achieve the look by filing away and sawing off the sides to create that long pointy tip. But the saddest part is that the nails can get weaker as the sides are the strongest part of the nail which is usually tapered away until they are specifically done. Which means that they are not long lasting.

3. Square

This nail shape is an excellent choice for the ones who want to have the classic French manicure. Suits best for longer nail bed as they often make the smaller ones look wide and short. Also, they do not suit well with smaller nails and might look best on long or medium. Drawing targets to longer nails are something that the square shape doe usually, as the shorter they are the appear duller. Filing the square is done by allowing the nail to grow out long and straight and filing the tip across at right angles.

4. Rounded

This type of nail shape is perfect for all who loves to have shorter nails. It rarely breaks and can be fixed in no time. An easy and simple shape to maintain. As with the square, you need to grow straight and buff the sides to get that desired pointy tip, then you have to round it. Very same to the square in its technique and because of this, it enables you to alter the shape of the whole square and all the way through to the round, also you can stop buffing in between when you think looks great.

5. Squarely Rounded

The same technique as you do the square nails, but the corner needs some work. Looks great on longer nails and does not have the ability to get on things like the complete square shape. A much smoother looking shape than the square. Also to be favored if going for a totally womanly look.

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6. Oval    

The oval mix is a mix of all the shapes like almond, round, and square. Which means they are suitable for all types of nail, both long and medium and also forms a more feminine look. File the top into the shape you want to get that oval shape and then file away the side parts. This can also weaken your nails a bit. But if you have nails that are broad and wide then this shape is the perfect fit as it can help to make them look more elegant, and so the weakening will never matter you much.

7. Filing Your Nails Properly

Now you might have to know the different types of nail shapes and let us look at the steps how to file them to get the desired shape. Before you paint them, it is essential to know how to file them correctly. This is one of the basics that you should know.

8. Choosing The Right Nail File

The most essential, inexpensive emery boards are easier to handle and kinder to nails. The grit on metal files are mostly harsh and can cause your nail to chip or peel if used incorrectly. Stick to a simple drugstore emery file! That will also save you money as well as no-frills and brittle nails.

9. Clip Your Nails

If you wish to have short nails, then clip your nails a bit to reduce its length. Leave the square edge with the right length for you to shape it with a file.

10. Filing In One Direction

Always file in a single direction only, working your way toward the middle. Don’t saw back and forth, which many do – this can lead to nail chipping or breaking. Make sure you don’t file too deep at the edges that can weaken your nail wall. Stroke it from the corner towards the middle and do it again If needed to get the desired shape. File only when your nails are dry. They are prone to chipping and gets weak when wet.

Nail polish helps protect during filing and prevents splitting. So file your nails before you take off your polish.

File smoothly and gently under the nails to take off the soft nail tissue that might be there even after filing.


Now you know the various types of nail shapes and which suits you the more. We also suggested a few tips on filing too.

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