How to Find a Perfect Lip Shade for your Skin Tone

Lip Shade

Every woman wants to look elegant and chic, and wearing make up is one of the easiest ways to help you feel and look your best. It helps you not only look beautiful but feel great about yourself as well. Although all types of cosmetics have their own advantages, lipstick is an easy and quick way to perk up your look. But not lipstick shade looks great on all complexions.

Some skin tones look great with the nude, pink and brown shade, or even just a clear gloss.  Other complexions look good with dark pink, red or mauve lip shade. Each hue works differently for every woman. Search your best to get the right lipstick colors that suit your skin tone.

Most women tend to go for a specific lip shade just because it looks great or because you might have noticed the same color your favorite celebrity wearing it. But, most of you don’t even realize that the same color might not be a great option for you. Choosing the wrong shade of lip makeup products can mar your overall look that adding a touch to it. Consider these simple tips that will definitely help you choose a lip shade to suit well with all your skin tone.

Finding The Right Lip Shade Color

Right Lip Shade

Before you start with choosing the lip shade, you must try and find out what type of skin tone you have. Finding your skin tone is not as hard as you think. If you have orange and yellow undertones, then you can be sure that you have a warm skin tone. And if you have red and pink undertones, then you have a cool skin tone.

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Choosing The Right Lip Shade To Your Skin Tone

Women with cool skin tone can go for shimmery lip glosses such as blue and pink undertones. Lipsticks like brown are also an excellent choice. In case, if your skin in on the warmer side, then it’s better to go for the gold and bronze shade. The shade of brown will also look good for warmer skinned peeps. If you think you can analyze your skin tone, then you must consult a beauty expert.

Fair skin  – go for berries and pale pinks. But the real challenge lies in picking the shade of pink that is closer to your lip’s natural shade.

Olive skin – women with this type of skin looks great shade like bronze nudes, apricots, and beiges.

Dark skin – Darker skin will look perfectly look great when tried shades like sheer refs, mauves, and berries.

Every woman must have at least one awesome lipstick. It is indeed an accessory, like an amazing pair of sandals or a beautiful handbag. And like these, there is no such thing like the perfect lipstick. This is a good thing… actually an excellent thing! It means there are various perfect lipsticks for all.

Know What Color You Want, Bold Or Neutral?

This is the most basic question. When choosing a lipstick, decide on the color family feels like the natural beginning point. Don’t begin there. Instead, start by choosing on either a bold or neutral. A neutral lipstick blend with the rest of your makeup and the bold one will contrast your face.

Also, remember that not all lip shades fall under the color family of bold and neutral. A specific red lipstick can be bold while another might be neutral. Also, a color that is neutral on fair skin can be bold to women with a dark or pale complexion. For this reason, bold or neutral must be your first preference.

The Longevity And Comfort Of Your Lipstick

If you wish to buy a lipstick that has longer staying power, then you must go with a matte one. Matte lipsticks are long-lasting lip stains. They stay on the lips for a bit longer than lipsticks and will never come off easily.

If you wish to go for lipstick, then go with a creamy or sheer one.

Color Payoff

The color payoff is a measure of how much the lipstick provides colors to your lips. A seemingly alluring lipstick might actually be easily visible when on the lips. Such a product is said to have a very less color payoff. Sheer lipsticks have the least color payoff. With sheers, expect the products to be more or less like a “wash out” look that allows your natural lip color to see through. On the other hand, the matte lipsticks have the strongest color pay off. With these products, what you see on the bottles, will actually pay off the same to your lips. Creamy lipsticks are very moderate in showing off the colors.


Once you find the right brand and shade that you love and you think that you will use it on a regular basis, it might be worthwhile to stock it up in bulk. Find the right seller and stock your favs.

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