Lip Stains That The Apocalypse Will Last

Lip Stains

Lip stains and Lip tints are a similar lip product that every beauty addict must consider investing. These products are excellent to use and stay long that lipsticks. These unique formulas offer a natural shine, so they don’t need too many touch-ups throughout the day. This is why every makeup company is launching their own take on the product.

The purpose of the stain is to give that color to the lips as opposed to applying colored wax. Lip stains are waterproof and also comes in a matte finish.  If you haven’t used lip stains then you must try using them,  but before that, you must check out this post. We have explained in detail about its properties and brands that are best and also the ways that you should apply them.

The Features Of Lip Stains

Features Of Lip Stains


Lip stains like lipsticks will give you that color to your lips. But the tint just stains the lips temporarily with the color that lasts all day. This is made possible with the help of dyes. Once the color is dry, it will never smear and wear unevenly. Also, it will never stain your teeth so that you can smile confidently. On the other hand, lipstick can get at the top of your lips and wears off with time and you might need to apply again.


The tint is more of a gloss or gel with some products having a tiny bit of alcohol, which dried quite swiftly around the mouth. Also, many people find it very useful to apply some balm or a moisturizer on the stain throughout the day.  Applying moisturizers will help to prevent lips from cracking and peeling.


Lip stain is available in various shades and colors. But, the colors are more limited as its hard to stain the lips to a different color. Also, before buying a specific color, it is essential to do a patch test. The lip stain is usually applied directly before applying it to the lip gloss to help keep the lips more visible.

Matte Finish

The stains feature natural matte finish to the lips when it is applied. You can also use want to apply the stain, which mostly comes with the same.

Brands That Are Raving The World

These are brands of lip stains that are raving the world. Its quite expensive but never fails to impress you.

  • Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro
  • YSL liquid matte lip stain
  • Dior addict lip
  • Clarins water lip stain
  • Tom Ford lip stain
  • NYX glossy lip tint
  • Becca lip stain

How To Apply A Lip Stain?

Lip stains and lip tins are nevertheless simple to use and it has the ability to create a decent look.

Exfoliate The Lips

Before applying the lip tint, take the needed steps to exfoliate the lips with a help a dry toothbrush. Also, try to use some sort of balm or any moisturizing product. This is an essential step and plays an important role in improving the overall look of the lips.  The simplest way to exfoliate the lips is by using a brush, you will explore products that are designed for such purpose and that can be used on the lips safely.

Line Your Lips

Before you apply the stain to your lips, you need to line it. You can use the brand that has a marker tip to line the lips and then use a tint. You might need to choose whether you want the sheer wash which gives you that dramatic look or the natural one. Apply a single coat of stain to give that natural color or various coats to get that desired color of your choice.

Apply Gloss

If you want a dewy and moist look, then you might consider applying the gloss over the stain. But if you are looking for a more natural look, then avoid using the gloss. You must be very careful to make sure that compliments the rest of your makeup and attire. If you wish to have a bare, natural look, you must be careful to make sure the tint is really close to the natural lip color.

How To Remove A Lip Stain

Most lip stains and tints are not easy to remove. But with the help of a makeup remover and an oil based cleaner the job can be done.

  • Use your favorite oil to remove the lip stain or use a very powerful makeup cleaner.
  • Saturate a cotton ball or use a cleansing wipe to remove it
  • Press it against your lip and hold for few seconds. This will allow the stains to slowly break down
  • Now wipe it carefully and don’t rub which can irritate your lips and also smudge over.
  • Repeat the process is the tint remains
  • Finish off with a generous layer of lip balm


Now you know the difference between lip stains and tints also on how to apply and remove. We have also added a few brands that stays all day long and they are celebrity favs.

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