Top Make Up Tips That You Should Know

Make Up Tips

Be it any occasion, women prefer to look their best. Who doesn’t want to get a perfect diva look? Almost all women would love to get the best compliments for the looks. Beauty is for sure god ‘s gift. But proper makeup adds a lot to make you look prettier. Most often, people get confused about the various tips that can make you look chic and vibrant.

Now you don’t have to worry, as we have presented you every small detail on how to be chic and classy with makeup tips. These tops being simple are the most powerful ways to get the perfect look for any special occasion.

Don’t Focus On The Lips When Your Eyes Are On Point

Dark eyes and dark lips

If your eyes are in point of the makeup look, keep the other 2 color area subtle. Dark eyes and dark lips are so cool few can pull it off. Let one of the 3 color areas of the face take the middle stage while the others do a backup. Never underestimate backups.

Base, Brows, Lashes, and Lippy

This is a part, but a complete look from the top to bottom. Partial does not mean categorized.

The base – whatever foundation format you pick, it must be the color and texture to suit your skin. Color matching will enable you to apply the foundation  JUST in issue areas – not an ear to ear. This will make your skin relay with minimal product. Texture matching will keep your own personal moisture level the same. If your skin is on the oilier side then choose the one that is not relevant to the texture format to your base, use a dry foundation powder this will look contrived and patch as its so polar from the own skin’s moisture level.

Solution – you will have to buy a liquid foundation that is oil free and that will co-exist with the skins’ natural glow.

Getting Brows Groomed

Remember not to forget the traditional trimming and tweezing. Once the natural brow has been analyzed and brought up to shape. This will make the overall minimal look more of a natural look.

Last Minute Mascara Application

Don’t forget to clean your mascara wand with a wet wipe. Too much product on the brush will make sure a clumpy and heavy drive into the office and also impair your driving. It might take very little product to build. When the tube gets a bit dry, add a couple of  ninety nine percent alcohol drops to the tube. It might help to re-liquefy it and also kill some bacteria.

Lushy Lips

There is a wide range of lip stains and glosses out there. No excuses for a naked lip. If you have no idea what shade you might need, consider your hair color. If your hair color is somewhat lighter in shade, then choose to go for softer and lighter lippy. If your hair is on the dark side, then more vibrant, richer lip stain is a must for you. If you are not sure about the color status, you can also ask suggestions from your hairdresser.

Cleanse And Moisturize

After cleansing your skin, moisturizing your skin must be your second essential thing to follow. Then dab a good foundation to even out your skin and this can cover up all the flaws of your face. But, you have to match the foundation well to suit your skin type.

Don’t Forget The Hair

Hair is also an essential beauty element of your body. It adds much difference to the overall look of the body. Using the right shampoo and conditioner, you can easily achieve better-looking hair. You can also try oil-based products or hair serums that assure to offer great hair health. Lastly, a great hairstyle will make you look classy for any special occasion.

Paint The Nails

There are so many colors to choose when it comes to nail paints. This will definitely offer you a stylish look. It’s better to keep yourself updated with the latest trend. But, that does not mean you have to overstuff so much.

Blush Away

Your face will never look lively without a blush, so it’s really essential that you know what blush shade suits you before making the right decision. Consider the basic matches for blush color.

  • Fair skin – pink
  • Medium skin – Peach
  • Deeper skin – Tangerine

These are the basic blush tips that you need to follow also don’t forget to do a trial and error on which shade really looks great on you. If you are using a setting powder make sure you pat the excess from the brush and sweep it from the cheekbone to the temple. Makeup experts also suggest cream-based blush for a dewy look.

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