14 Trendy Designs Of The Nail Art For Short Nails

Nail Art For Short Nails

Are you looking for elegant and chic nail art for short nails, which will complement your ideal looks and will add some spark to your outfits? Then this list we present to your attention is all that you need! And if you love doing DIY, then we have got some tips too.

We have made up this post as a comprehensive and in – detail list of cool nail art for short nails, getting really creative and great ideas for various occasions. So let us check the trendy nail art designs for short nails.

Fourteen Nail Art For Short Nails

Nail Art Designs

1. White Pearl Design

The basis of this pattern is its gleaming white peal color nail paint. The cute and simple design is easy to work on, and it looks super natural, so you don’t have to care about running a different color nail paint. Also, it’s a nail pattern intended for short nails that suits any occasion.

2. Gold and White Patterned Nail Art

An excellent bohemian short nail art pattern that looks lovely when paired with the same style outfit and matching accessory. It is actually a great outfit of itself, in fact, with shimmery gold polish. It makes a great contrast against the pearly white one.

3. Mini Icon Pattern

You can try this pattern on a mild or pastel colored nail paint. This makes an excellent design for short nails as has very small pictured added and they don’t consume so much space. In case, lips, smileys, and other cute icons can also be added to the glittery gold nails as well.

4. Red and White Nail Art

This wine red and white nail art for short nails is a staple, and it gives you that sophisticated look. The pattern is featured by simple swirling patterns made using red paint, which is a great mixing of the two colors magnificent.

5. Soft Shade Nail Art

This opulent nail pattern is completely based on soft shades of pink and pastel colors on different nails all with luxurious gold and other adornments. Its totally just like wearing a piece of jewelry directly on your nails and it is a great fashion statement.

6. Ink Blue Nail Art

This simple but very elegant nail art for short nails has different variations since this shows that you can actually have a wide range of design for every single nail without overwhelming. This specific image shows here also show that you don’t have to paint your nail like how the experts do to have that same look, since even imperfect patterns are great, too.

7. Sweetheart Pattern

This adorable and girly nail art is sweet and charming too. It has small hearts and glitter that can flatten your soul. It’s a great pattern for everyday use. It is especially cute if you remember this design on Valentine’s day.

8. 3D Nail Art

Most of the designs that we have put up here is mostly an angled French manicure, the remaining of the patterns use excellent 3D patterns, some with glittery beads and other with swirling pear white pattern with gold sequins. It is very classic and elegant nail art design for short nails.

9. Geometric Pink Nail Art

The look of this pattern is more of a smooth and luscious pink used in short nails. It has a white-based and geometric pattern are used in any one or two nails. You can also add some glitter and embellishment to make it look captivating.

10. Matte Green Nail Art

The wicked green base of this pattern is uber cool and smooth and makes anyone envious. Add one or two rose stencil to make the overall look amplifying and eccentric. Finally, you can also add sequins to finish off the look.

11. Glittery Pink With Sequin

Dense pink glitters are super cute and sexy – especially when sequins are added on the top like the icing on the cake. On the hand, this nail art for short nails is so girly and makes anyone look young and chic. It is brings and gaudy, in all the ways, it’s a great nail pattern to try on a Christmas day.

12. Pale Blue Pastel

This is simply a beautiful style and apt for any occasion. The lovely pale blue is so stunning and it’s easy to work on. This design is just created to suit short nails. All you have to do Is just pain the nail in pastel blue and draw a design of your choice, it can be a square or a rectangle on the cuticle and you are done.

13. Spring Pattern Nail Art

An excellent coral and blue pattern are great for the spring season. Add some polka dots to the patterns with dual tone colors and some flowers to make it look more warm and toasty.

14. Sunflower Pattern

These are the most simple yet stunning nail pattern that you should try. Give a rough coat of nail color of your choice and add polka dots to create a flower pattern.


These are the top nail art designs for short nails, while there are loads to try. All you must have is some dedication and patience to work out these beautiful patterns.

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