The Right Way To Remove Polished Gel Nail At Home

Remove Polished Gel Nail

Gel nails or gel manicure is a really essential trend in modern nail fashion. It has to be considered that nail artists use this kind of manicure to create classy nail art as well as to do a cool nail finish.

Removing gel nails can be quite hard and might seem impossible. But we recommend you to always have an experienced nail manicure technician do this stuff for you. If you really want to get removed all by yourself, then we have made a post for you with simple techniques and you will be removing it from your nails in no time.

Application Of Gel Nails

Gel nail polish application includes a lot of steps and products. It also requires the use of special equipment, for examples, the UV lights to cure the nail polish. That is why a lot of women love to have this at a professional salon. Don’t hesitate, try great things, be beautiful and chic.

The Many Benefits Of Gel Nail Polish

Benefits Of Gel Nail Polish

Here Are A Few Benefits Of Trying New Gel Nail Polish

  • It dries quickly within a few seconds. You can also wear a closed – toe footwear, after long pedicure session. The UV light used helps to harden the gel and it does not burn the skin.
  • It’s highly durable and can last up to 3 to 4 weeks. The scope of chipping is also less. They look like they were done just before a day.
  • Its innovative finish done by skilled beauticians can make huge differences and looks attractive
  • Gel nail paint does not cause any damage to your nail and it can be applied directly like the regular ones.


Ensure you are in a very well ventilated place. The best places being outdoors or near an open window. The mixture of nail polish remover and gel nails forms a strong odor, then nail polish it and smelling it for hours inside your home is just simply intoxicating.

Remove Nail Polish

This is usually forgotten and skipped a step that comes back to frustrate us. Removing nail from nails might seems unnecessary as you have already gone to remove the gel nails. But removing them before removing the gel nails saves you the frustration from having to remove stains, spots, residue or partially dissolved nail polish on your nails after taking them off. And to be honest, this simple add – on step will save you more time.  So to remove the gel nails you must have a bunch of cotton pads ready. Get one and use the remover to take off the gel nail polish from your nails.

Soaking Your Fingers

After removing the polish, pour some of the nail polish removers into a bowl. For best results, you can also heat the nail polish a bit to make it warmer and also use a vigor acetone nail polish remover available in various drug stores. Now place your whole fingertips in the liquid so that your whole nails in completely submerged. Do it to your one hand at a time. You always want a clean hand to work on the other instead of two messy and wet hands. After a couple of minutes, if the liquid solution is cooled down a bit, you can add some warm acetone.

A few minutes later, if the gel nails have formed a strong odor and are now a bit sticky and soft, you can try pulling the end to remove it from your real nail. You can also try using an orange stick to gently pry the tips from the nail beds. If you have any kind of pain or if your nails simply don’t work, then stop and continue to soak your nails in the liquid mixture. Remember not to force as it can damage your nails. Continue to do the same and soak the process until you can comfortably take off all the gel from the fingertips.

After Removal Of Gel Nails

Add some fresh nail polish remover onto a cotton ball, quickly wipe off the remaining sludge or goo on your nails. Also, don’t panic, if your natural nails are a bit rough, you can smooth them by buffing it with a nail buffer or the smooth side of a nail file. You can now do the whole process again with the other hand.

Finishing Touches

So your fingernails are free of gel nails. At this time, your natural nails are very delicate and might be weak by the gel nails. It might take some time before it becomes completely healthy, so you have to very careful from now on. Some suggestions on what to do now are you can shape your nails with an emery board or start using the nail file and apply clear nail polish coat to your nails.


These are steps that you should follow to remove the gel nails at home. We suggest you visit a nail bar or a salon for a professional look.

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