5 Super Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for 2019

Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyle is always hot, and that is why many fashion addicts prefer to have long, free-flowing hair rather than than the pixie cut that was popular for a short time period. But long hair can always become boring too. In fact, boredom is one of the primary reasons why we get tired of their long locks and prefer to have some other style, a shorter one.

The truth is, though, that there are unlimited options when it comes to styling lengthy hair. You just have to know when and how to keep it updated a bit to keep your long hair looking fresh, styling and updated. Yet, it might a little practice and extra care in the beginning, but in no time you will be able to immediately turn out new looks with a simple trick.

Five Gorgeous Long Hairstyles

1. Straight And Straight Sleek Hair

Straight and straight sleek hair
Straight and straight sleek hair

You can achieve this sleek, silky and shiny hair with an excellent straightening iron in just a few minutes. No matter what texture your hair is, even it is naturally frizzy and curly, you can easily change your hairdo in a flash with just a flat iron. Imagine being able to straighten your hair in less than ten minutes. This is all time popular style of celebrities and even models.

The trick to attaining sleek and long hairstyle is using the right tools and products that you use. What you need are a high-quality iron, a shine product, and finishing spray. Just add the shine product to your dry hair and smooth it out with the flat iron through the hair from the roots to the tops by segmenting about half sections. The ceramic iron will infuse shine and moisture into your tresses leaving you with shiny, healthy locks that will be the envy of the crowd. Complete the look off with a tiny bit of finishing spray and you will be beautifully prepared for the day.

2. Textured And Curly Long Hair

Textured And Curly Long Hair
Textured And Curly Long Hair

If your hair already has some wave and curl, you can attain this style with a very little effort. All you have to use is just a small amount of styling gel and scrunch your curl into place with a diffused blow dryer. Once you do this, add a few sprays of your favorite hair spray to hold your hair in place.

If you have been blessed with poker style hair, you can get the same look with tube rollers and hot rollers. The trick is to make this style look as natural as possible with the products that you have. Make sure to use a quality spray and complete the look. Use the finishing spray to spray your hair before you do a hairdo and also after completing the look, and use this spritz to add some extra shine and complete your look. By adding spritz and gently running your fingers through the curled locks, you can attain this natural look with a lot of shine.

3. Long Hairstyle And Updos

Long Hairstyle And Updos
Long Hairstyle And Updos

The easiest way to change your hairstyle is to try the updo. While this is currently trending 2019, a major hairstyle that is followed by everyone. I’m not talking about the ponytail here. This takes some creativity, but with some practice, you can have the hair swept up ins an exotic style that just takes a few seconds to attain.  Try the French twists, they are as classy as the bun variations and pulled through ponytails.

4. Tousle For Long Hair

Tousle For Long Hair
Tousle For Long Hair

This look is so famous right now. No matter how long your hair is, this styling method will work wonders. This includes long and wavy hair. If your hair is curly, then you must use the hot rollers to make it straight. We are not talking about the wavy look here, but rather about soft waves that start at about half the length of the hair to the ends.

It is common these days for women to leave their hair down when they have freshly styled this way, but sometimes one side is brought up with a pretty clip.

5. Bangs For Long Hair

Bangs for long hair
Bangs for long hair

Bangs are also famous and they usually flatter most women. Some like to wear bangs just because they believe it makes them look younger.

In any event, these styles have become famous as a complement to long hair.

These long hairstyles will suit for all facial shapes as well, which is one of the primary reasons it’s a famous haircut. Long hairstyle is tough to take care of and need extra attention to avoid dry, coarse hair and split ends. Try out the middle side or the zig-zag part and you will definitely love how it changes your appearance. Also keep trying out something new with your long hair once in a while, as suggested above. You will love it!

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