7 Lovely Trendy Nail Design Ideas Just For You

Trendy Nail Design Ideas

Nail art is a special type of creative activity that includes drawing and designing on nails. There are professional salons who do such colorful motifs and images on them and they will also decorate it in a possible way. Varnish or lacquer is used as the first coat for this type of method.

Water-based paints have various benefits since they can be easily blended in order to get desirable results. Needles, brushes, sticks and other devices are used in nail art salon for this purpose.

If you wish to improve the appearance and look of your nails, It is important that you must try out one of the best nail art successfully. If you have the items like the salons, then you can definitely achieve the look you want.

Seven Trendy Nail Design Ideas

Nail Design

1. Piercing Design

It includes making tiny holes in the top section of your nails and it also includes inserting small rings for the purpose of decoration. This type of technique is recently introduced and this method is widely famous among women across the world who breathe fashion. It’s a new way of decorating your nails in order to make them look classy, chic and sexy.  This kind of technique is applied either on artificial nails as well as the real ones. Unlike other kinds of body piercing, this type of technique is painless and does not give you any harmful side effects.

2. Aquarium Nail Art

This kind of nail art is done only on artificial ones. A specific type of pattern is done in the nails and an excellent image is created in them with the help of acrylic nail paint. This type of designs is usually complemented with various types of decorative items like dried flowers, spangle, and other products. The next step is to use an acrylic coating on it to give that beautiful convex glass effect. The best part is that it shows a three-dimensional effect and it helps to create an image that looks like a water tank aquarium.

3. Dimensional Design

This type of cutting edge design pattern is done with the help of various types of materials like as the special gel, color acrylic, and a good quality glue. You can create images of various things and draw attention to others.

4. Photo Paint

It’s a new trend that has recently gained so much in vogue. This art is done with special printers that can use loads of colors in order to create complex patterns and motifs.

5. Black Matte Pattern

When working with a black matte nail color, you must know its kinds. You must also know how to mix up these colors as well as a compliment with the other.

6. Spanish Manicure

The key feature is the depth and richness of the polish. Also, they can combine various types of colors like as the pastel and bright shades that looks to be quite compatible with one another. Also, the total number of colors does not matter a lot. It’s suitable for those who have nails which are thick and broad.

7. Wave Pattern

An electrifying wave pattern can be made with the help of a good template and airbrush to form a wave. Your nail will be the same and others are sure to be awed too.

Tips To Maintain Nail Art Design

Therefore, to keep your nail art design looking good, and at the same time protect the health of your natural nails, ensure to follow these simple tips and you will thank us later.

Don’t Use Your Nails To Open Tins and Packages

Your nails might seem indestructible, but they are not intended for tasks like opening tins and plastic packages. Always use the right tool for the right job. Also, don’t bite them as well!

Keep Them Dry As Much As Possible

Water is your nail art design’s worst nightmare. Not only it can cause it to lift off the designs and fade, but also become a growth place for fungi and bacteria – and you don’t want that to happen to your nail. So, in order to prevent them, you must keep your nails dry as much as you can. And that means always dry your hands with a towel after you wash your hands and when they get wet. Preventing water from getting underneath your nails is very important to help keep them in a perfect tip – top condition.

Do Chores With Gloves

If you have nail art on your nails, it’s a great idea to wear rubber gloves while doing chores like mopping and washing dishes. Not only these gloves help them to keep your nails dry, but they will also save them from splitting, chipping or snagging on things, all of which can be both painful and embarrassing. Always remember to keep a pair of gloves handy and remember to wear them on before starting any chore.


So, we have shared the top nail art patterns that are quite famous and loved by many fashionistas. Also,  there are a few quick nail care tips that are so basic and need no extra investment to secure them and they will surely last for a couple of weeks too.

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