Different Types of Manicures You Can Try With Gel Nail Polish

Different Types of Manicures You Can Try With Gel Nail Polish

Most of the times, there’s little difference in how an expert manicures your fingernails. But, if you are seeking a creative option, then you should learn about different types of manicures complementing your style. After all, your nails speak volumes about who you are. Whether you want to look extraordinary or like to boast a trend, there are no limits when it comes to a nail art design.

Basic Manicure

If you’re new to a gel manicure, then you should start off with a basic manicure. Initially, an expert would apply cream, oil or lotion near cuticles. After soaking nails in warm water, the hands are dried and the shape of the nails is well defined. At this point of time, you always get a chance to choose the shape. It could either be square, oval or the most popular stiletto. Once everything is done, the beautician helps you in applying the base and the top coat. Finally, the gel manicure is wrapped up by drying the nails under ultraviolet light.

French Manicure

A French manicure always assures you of a gorgeous look to your nails. The nail art exudes a unique style because the beige polish over the entire nail looks great in contrast to the white polish along the tip. Eventually, you would prefer going for such a type of manicure because the nails sport a vibrant look. Best of all, the design is perfect no matter what the occasion might be.

American Manicure

The American manicure is very much similar to a French manicure. But, the only difference lies in the shape and color of the nails. The fingernails are filed for a round shape and off-white color is painted over the tips. For enhancing the visual appeal, after the topmost coat is dried, you can request the expert to adorn the nail with glitter polish.

Reverse French Manicure

Before gaining popularity, the reverse French manicure had become famous at fashion shows organized in Europe. While the area around the cuticle is painted white, the rest of the nail surface is adorned with a dark color shade. Regardless of the season, a fashionista can always switch between colors. Black and wine are the most popular shades for winter and fall while pink and yellow look stunning during summer and spring.

Mirror Manicure

For a new style, you can always insist for a mirror manicure. To reflect the trendy look, the nails are cleaned and shaped to the desired size. Later, a black colored gel nail polish is applied and then cured under UV or LED light. Before adding mirror powder, the base coat is layered with a top coat. At the end, a gel nail polish creates a shiny look beyond your expectations.

Shellac Manicure

Synonymous to a gel manicure, shellac manicure involves applying a special coat, followed by two coats of shellac nail polish. As soon as a coat is applied, a dryer is used to dry the polish. But, as compared to gel nail polish, shellac lasts for just two weeks. The manicure prevents chipping and actually adds strength to the nails.

Before heading for the event, you can always add a personal touch with embellishments. While you can select tiny hearts and bows for a textured look, you can dazzle the nails with shimmering rhinestones. Moreover, inexpensive stickers would help you transform the look in a much better way. In case you have not set aside a budget for a gel manicure, then you can personalize the design with artificial nails. These are nothing but pre-made designs which can be set on nails differing is size.


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