What Are Lip Tints? And Reasons For Recommending It?

What Are Lip Tints

Lip tint is an effective makeup cosmetic that is usually applied to the lips to provide them some color, without using much gloss or shine. The tint is usually applied on bare lips with color staining the lips slightly. Lip tint is also called as lip stain. A person has a choice of using the lip gloss on the top of the tint, to offer a shiny appearance.

It’s normal to find products like as lipstick or gloss being called as “Lip Tint”. Therefore, the term can be used to express to various products applied to the lips. These product lines are not only famous in Korea, but also in Asia and in Western countries. You might get thousands of videos on the internet. Sephora has a wide range of lip tints from their own brand.

Difference Between Lip Tint And Lip Gloss

Lip Tint And Lip Gloss

Lipsticks and lip glosses have oils and waxes, which is what makes them to glide and slip off your lips. On the other hand, lip tint, also has a gel and liquid base, also it has a mousse texture. Within the base are pigments that sticks to your lips after the water bases has vaporized.

What makes these lip stains unique and famous is that it can last all day long. It does not require any touch up and no dreaded lip stain mark on the coffee or tea glass. Its especially famous during the summer months. And depending on the shade of the lip tint it shows a more natural look that other lip products while giving the lips that smooth feel and long lasting color (it is also very expensive and far less painful option that the permanent makeup products, where lip color is totally is applied on the lips which was a thing in Korea for a long time.

Lip tints are meant to be drying, but today most of the brands add moisturizing ingredients to keep lips hydrated and supple all day. And as these stains are highly pigmented, a little goes a long way, so the tint must last you at least various months.

So What Is The Difference?

When it comes to lip stains, we have a wide choice of preferences, as beauty firms come with new  textures and formulations. So, here are the some of the most famous types of lip tints.

Liquid Lip Tints

Liquid lip tint is one of the most common type of lip tint. These are very easy to apply. For a gradient lip, with just a few swipes you can actually diffuse the color. For a smoother, more diffused look, apply this lip tint over the lips and press together.

At first, you may think that these products are tricky to apply as it has  a watery consistency. But following some of the techniques on how to apply it perfectly you can achieve the look. First apply the balm, then a kind of moisturizer on the lips, then use the lip tint. This will make the lips smoother so that the lip tint does not dry immediately. Then avoid overdoing the lip tint which might give you that fake look.

Peel – Off Lip Tints

These are true novelty. The peel off lip tint, which leaves a deep stain on your lips can last for up to 12 hours and it differs from your regular lip stain. You will have to apply the product on your lips and leave it for at least 10 minutes. This gets dried and you will have to peel off the film. The color gets transferred to your lips and resulting stain looks glossy and rich, not dry.

Why Lip Tints Are Famous?

Conditional Additional Ingredients

Natural tint often tends to fall between gloss and lipstick. It is much lighter than lipstick, but provides more color when compared to gloss. The product is highly suggested as it mostly has additional ingredients, like as conditioning ingredients, sunscreen and a minty scent. These ingredients are specifically aimed to protect the lips from damage caused by sun.

Long Lasting

Lip tint usually comes in a squeeze tube or twist up tube. The product is famous with many as it can last longer. Although the gloss present in some of the brands can be wiped off, the color stays. This is made possible by the fact that the lips have been stained temporarily as opposed to resting on the lips. When considering the color, what often seen in the bottle is darker than the stains on the lips.

Perfect For All Occasions

Lip tints offers a perfect choice for days when you cannot reapply lipstick regularly. As mentioned, it’s also great for summer season. For a more compelling effect, you can also wear a lip liner with the tint to avoid feathering. Lipstick usually tends to fade before the liner does; but with a tint, you need not worry. The tint can be removed with your regular makeup remover.

Multiple Uses

Lip tint is also used to stain the cheek. It works in various ways as cheek stains, but by offering a temporary stain, to provide it a blushed look.


Now you know what are lip tints and its kind. Also, we have suggested the tips on how to apply them and the reasons why lip tints are famous among beauty addicts.

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